Thursday, 26 June 2014

Suffering from relationship problems?

All couples, at some point or the other run into relationship problem. Dr. Jay Lindsay at Boulder Marriage Counseling help couples to deal with marriage trouble.

Problems such as extra marital affairs, marital fights have a negative effect on your relationship. Don't ignore such problems. Dr Lindsay understands how hard it can be to reach out for help, that's why he responds in a warm and supportive way.

We provide services in Boulder, Louisville and Broomfield in Colorado. Contact 303-545-9828 for a free phone consultation.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Combating the Marital Blahs

Are you bored with your marriage?

Examine your expectations. "Couples expect to live happily ever after and when it doesn't happen they're bored". Every marriages go through this period. However, if your marital problems stays more than weeks, you need to pay attention.

Couples get into trouble when they don't see marriage as alive and changing. Your marital blahs might be the symptoms of something more deeper… an erosion in your emotional connectedness. By emotional connectedness, I mean your feelings of closeness that you both have. Main reason for erosion in your emotional connectedness might be caused due to neglect of relationship. Perhaps both of you became so busy that you've stopped attending to each other and so the reason you both have lost your emotional connectedness & the marital blahs have set in.

If your relationship is in problem, think about the insights above and if you want to recover from your relationship problems. Find best Marriage Counseling to improve your relationship. For free Consultation call 303-545-9828.

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