Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Marriage Counseling Services in Louisville, Colorado

Are you and your associate struggling a lot? Are you preventing each other? Are you in difficulties, maybe due to breakup risks or an adulterous affair?

If any of these carry out, then Dr. Jay Lindsay’s marriage counseling in Louisvile, Colorado is for you. It’s for spouses in regular and/or critical discord. To quit their fighting or preventing, or to take care of their issues, these partners need more than guidance. They need to modify the characteristics of how they associate.

To help you and your associate modify your characteristics, Dr. will use a innovative strategy known as Emotionally Focused Marital Therapy (EFT). It delivers 70-75% of struggling partners to restoration and 90% to considerable enhancement.

If your connection is in serious discord, Dr. Lindsay’s marriage counseling will help you get the adoring emotions returning. Read More

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  1. Make sure your marriage counselor is well trained and certified and comes with sufficient credentials.